Cat Tower: Long Swing

The Scratching Tower series is compact and comes with fun features sure to please your cat! The soft pole that comes with the long type make a rustling sound when it bends, and the base plate and the pole are made of linen, allowing cats to scratch claws while playing. This tower is equipped with many features, such as a toy on an elastic string attached to the pole. 30cm in width and depth, 62cm in height. Easy to assemble, no special tools are required. A hex wrench included.

【Product size/weight】



Base: Particleboard, Carpet (Sisal, Polyester) Carpet Pole: Paper Tube, Polyester, Pp, Steel Pole: Sisal, Polyester, Steel Toy: Polyester, Rubber Bottom Screws And Washers: Steel

【Country of origin】


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