Delicious Gourmet: For Pets 10 Years Old or Older (375g)

旨味グルメ缶 10歳以上用 チキン&野菜 375g

A flavourful general diet for senior dogs, with the delicious taste of fresh, high-quality meat and vegetables locked in.

【Size / Weight】


【Raw materials】

Meat(Chicken), Vegetables(Carrots, Green Peas, Potatoes), Grains(Soybeans), Thickener(Carrageenan), Salt, Minerals(Sulfate, Calcium, Lactate, Zinc Salts, Ferric Sulfate, Copper Sulfate), Vitamins(E, D), Chromogenic Agent(Sodium Nitrite), Chondroitin, Glucosamine


Approx. 85kcal / 100g

【Country of origin】


【best if eaten by this date】

36 Months