Delicious Long Jerky Beef: For Pets 7 Years Old or Older

おいしいロングジャーキー ビーフ 7歳から

A made-in-Japan long jerky with more than 50% meat content. Highly palatable and can be easily torn into pieces of any size, making it perfect for small dogs.

【Size / Weight】


【Raw materials】

Meat(Beef, Chicken), Cornstarch, Defatted Soybeans, Dried Yeast Cell Walls, D-Sorbitol, Glycerin, Flavour, Sodium Lactate, PH Adjuster, Seasoning, Phosphate(Na, K), Antioxidant(Extracted Vitamin E, Sodium Vitamin C), Glucosamine, Shark Cartilage(Containing Chondroitin), Colouring Agent(Sodium Nitrite)


Approx. 244kcal / 100g

【Country of origin】


【best if eaten by this date】

12 Months