System Toilet Set for Cats

A ready-to-use dual layer litter system that comes with 2L of litter (1 month's worth) and a Powerful Charcoal Deodorising Sheet (1 week's worth)!

【Size / Weight】


【Product size/weight】

Toilet Size: Approx. W426×H140×D306mm (Entrance Height: Approv. 115mm)


Litter System (Draining Tray, Tray, Scoop): Polypropylene Strong Deodorant Sand: Paper, Wood Powder, water-repellent, Citric Acid, Antibacterial Agent Strong Charcoal Deodorant Sheet: Polyolefin Nonwoven Fabric, Cotton Pulp, water-absorbent Paper, Polymer Absorbent, Polyethylene Film, Hot-Melt Adhesive

【Country of origin】


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