Doggy Walk Bags 200 Pieces

Great value doggy bags! 200 bags per pack. Perfect to bring on a walk with your dog.

Budget-friendly doggy bags with 200 bags per pack. These bags will make looking after your dogs a whole lot easier. This product comes with water-soluble paper bags paired with plastic bags, so you can simply flush the paper bag down the toilet without soiling your hands, making walks stress-free. The paper bag is glued to the inside of the plastic bag so it won't easily fall out, but the glue is just strong enough so that it can be easily removed to be flushed down the toilet. Recommended for small to medium-sized dogs.

【Size / Weight】


【Product size/weight】

plastic bag:W200×H310mm  paper bag:W230×H210mm"


Polyethylene, Paper (Water Soluble)

【Country of origin】