Easy-Training Puppy Pads (Regular) 42 Sheets

5-layer structure for speed & spot absorption! Puppy pads specialised for potty training.

1.2 times* more scent that helps puppies remember where to go to the bathroom (*Compared to our conventional products). Training pads that support puppy potty training, with a 5-layer structure (non-woven fabric sheet, absorbent paper sheet, polymer & pulp sheet, absorbent paper sheet, and waterproof sheet) for speedy spot absorption of 4 times of an average small dog's pee (approx. 30cc per time). Watch a veterinarian-recommended toilet training video from the QR code on the package. Can be used for adult dogs as well as young dogs.

【Size / Weight】


【Product size/weight】

sheets size:33×45cm


Surface Material: Non-Woven Fabric. Absorbant: Cotton Pulp, Absorbent Paper, Super Absorbent Polymer. Waterproofing Material: Polyethylene. Binding Material: Hot Melt Adhesive. Exterior Material: Polyethylene.

【Country of origin】