Dog-friendly vegetable flakes full of delicious, natural taste of Hokkaido produce

100% Vegetable Flake Mix

Highly recognised by pet nutritionists!

3 types of specially-selected vegetable flakes.


Rich in antioxidant beta-carotene,
vitamins C and E

Snow Carrot

Sweet carrots with no
distinctive grassy flavour

Inca no Mezame Potato

Rare potatoes with a strong
sweetness and smooth texture

Why choose vegetable flake mix?

Delicious natural sweetness

Easy digestion and absorption, gentle on the stomach

Essential nutrients for good health

Perfect for senior
dogs and picky eaters

A sweet, palatable flake mix made of three types of vegetables. Make easy and highly nutritious vegetable pastes for your dog!

*Comes with a measuring spoon (1 heaped spoon: Approx. 5g)