Company policy


Deepen the bond between pets and owners and create a caring society.


Contribute to "Happy Days" for pets and owners.



Employee No. 1

Happy Days for pets and owners

President & CEO

Masao Emi

I have been involved in product development and sales as a member of PetPro since November 2019.
I have worked in the pet industry for about 20 years as a salesperson at a pet supply wholesaler. The changes in work environment and roles have been challenging since I started at PetPro, but I'm grateful for the support of my beloved dog, Sakura, and the staff who share the same passion for pets.
My goal is to develop products that can contribute to a fulfilling, long life for pets and owners.

Employee No. 3

Enriching the time together for pets and owners

Sales Department

Katsuya Nishio

I have only been with the company for about a year, but I am proud to say that we have many products that I can confidently recommend to our customers. I am also engaged in daily sales activities, working to let more and more people know about our products. I sometimes receive thank-you comments from our customers, which amplifies our enthusiasm even more. I hope we will continue to be a pet product manufacturer that can help enrich the time together for pets and their owners.
I have a spoilt dog and a bristly but beautiful cat

Employee No. 4

To be a manufacturer that can improve life together with pets

Management Department

Takayuki Ura

Our goal is to be a company that can provide solutions to problems and concerns in a society where pets and people live together. We are a company where the staff can grow, achieve their dreams, and communicate well, and I am confident that we are able to maximise each other's talents. We are working toward a future full of dreams and hopes.

Employee No. 6

Pets are partners who teach us about life

R&D Department

Hideki Nishiyama

I have always loved pets, and now I live with my second dog. It wakes me up in the morning and greets me when I come home, bringing happiness and fulfilment to my life. My dog is a partner who teaches me a lot about living life through happy, fun, and even sad times. I work to develop products from pets' point of view, hoping to improve their quality of life.

Employee No. 7

For the smiles of pets and owners

R&D Department

Chizuru Honda

As a PetPro member, I have been involved in R&D and marketing since November 2019. When I develop a product, I always ask myself, "Can this product make pets and owners happy?" and "Can I give it to my pets with confidence?" I love my cat Fio so much that I'm happy just by being with him every day. My goal is to have a happy life together with my cat for as long as possible.

Employee No. 9

Joining the company as a member of the R&D Department

R&D Department

Hina Suzuki

I joined PetPro as a member of the R&D Department in April 2022. I have always loved all kinds of living creatures, be it insects, fish, or reptiles, since I was a child. Currently, I live with two birds, a rosy-faced lovebird and a parakeet. I still have a lot to learn about creating safe products for pets and owners, but I hope to make a contribution to the fields of design and illustration, as I studied art in high school and college.


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